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Jersey et JAX-RS
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The presentation will introduce developers to Jersey the production quality JAX-RS reference implementation and a number of additional features, some of which integrate with other interesting open source projects. Jersey and JAX-RS make it easier to build RESTful Web services.

The presentation will not go into detail about what is REST nor into advanced details of the JAX-RS API unless attendees wish to ask specific questions.

Live-coding demos will be presented in preference to slides.

The following topics will be covered (as time permits):

  • Overview of the JAX-RS API
  • Using a resource class as a stateless session bean. Using a resource class as a CDI-managed bean.
  • Using Jersey with Atmosphere for RESTful and portable Asynchronous Web services.
  • Using the Jersey Model View Controller pattern with Java Server Pages.
  • Using the Jersey Model View Controller pattern with Scalate. Scalate is a Scala 2.8 based template engine for generating text and markup.
Start: 4/26/10 07:00 PM
End: 4/26/10 10:00 PM
Ensimag Amphithéatre E

Ensimag sur le campus Amphithéatre E
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Contact: Emmanuel Hugonnet