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Google AppEngine for Java (GAE/J)
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  1. 17:00 Meet and Greet; [15 mins]
  2. 17:15 Presentation [30 mins]
  3. 17:45 Question and Answers [15 mins]
  4. 18:00 Networking at a Near-By Bar [??]

Google App Enigne

Google AppEngine for Java (GAE/J) is Google’s cloud-based Java application hosting environment.

In this talk we will compare it with standard Java servlet environments, and discuss the differences. We will examine the DataStore and the different APIs available for accessing it.

We will discuss the other AppEngine APIs (eg, Task Queues, Map/(Reduce), XMPP etc) and look at some common usage patterns

We will look at the supplied management and development tools, and discuss the pricing and billing models.

Presenter: Nick Lothian

Nick Lothian is a Java developer & architect, specializing in Java Web based applications for the past 10 years. Prior to his current engagement he spent nine months working on an AppEngine based application.

Start: 2/17/11 05:00 PM
End: 2/17/11 06:00 PM
The State Library of South Australia