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MongoDB and Java Integration via Spring Data
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With the advent of the new age of No-SQL database, MongoDB has played a critical role in the OODBMS (Object-Oriented DataBase Management Systems) field, its speed, reliability, features and support for all the major programming languages, have made of MongoDB a reference point in the market.

Along with this DB, the powerfull integration that Sping provides to access all kinds of data sources through their fairly-new project, Spring Data, have make it suitable for easy and extremelly powerfull integration in your java projects.

In this tech talk, we will go throught the basics of No-SQL databases, we’ll go deeper into MongoDB to show off why we use it to implement critical apps in our website and then, present how easily it integrates in your projects using the powerfull Spring Data libraries.

Start: 11/8/12 07:00 PM
End: 11/8/12 09:00 PM
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