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Maven 3.0: The Maven you will love
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Maven 3.0: The Maven you will love

Relatore: Jason Van Zyl

Even though Maven 3.x will have many new features, the primary push thus far has been to provide an architecturally extensible core that is fully compatible with Maven 2.x. We needed to revamp the code base so that we could add new features easily, but more importantly to have a code base that is comprehensible by a larger audience. All core components in Maven 3.x have been refined and in extreme cases completely replaced as was the case with Mercury displacing the artifact resolution code. The goal of first release in the 3.x line is to provide less mystery, better error reporting, more performance, better documentation, a viable replacement for 2.x, and a path for rapid feature addition. We feel that with the new code base we can eradicate all major issues with Maven inside 12 months. We have been adding en enormous amount of testing and we’re pretty confident that 2.x users will not have a problem moving forward.
There will be a discussion of the architecture in Maven 3.x, some thoughts about integrating the OSGi versioning strategy, possibly flipping the internal DI over to use Guice, and a summary of the potential new features. This is where talking to Maven users would be useful as it will help us prioritize what features get developed first.

Start: 6/10/09 06:00 PM
End: 6/10/09 08:00 PM

via Elio Lampridio Cerva 127/c


Contact: Vitalij Zadneprovskij