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JRockit and LiquidVM | Brett Lomas, BEA [Monthly Meeting]
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Monthy Meeting 21/04/2008: JRockit and LiquidVM | Brett Lomas, BEA

Meeting Details

  • Date: Monday 21 April 2008. 6:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Where: BreckNock Hotel, 401 King William Street Adelaide mapabsmiddle
  • Agenda
    • 6:00 Java News and Views (15 mins)
    • 6:15 Presentation (90 mins)
    • 7:45 Question and Answers (15 mins)
    • 8:00 Counter meal and a drink at the BreckNock


JRocket is BEA’s own Java Virtual Machine (JVM), developed out of the need for increased performance on the ever-popular and low-cost Intel platform. During this presentation I will go over the benefits of the JRocket JVM, where you might use it your environment, and what options you might have. BEA is firmly committed to the JRocket JVM and there are a number of innovations built on the JRocket technology to enable you to both monitor and horizontally scale out your application in a virtualised environment using the LiquidVM and the BEA WebLogic Operations Control which I will also present briefly.

Presenter: Brett Lomas, BEA

Brett has worked in the IT industry for 8 years after graduating with a Science degree from The University of Auckland. Initially employed as a developer for the Department of Computer Science, Brett worked mostly on student and staff support systems including internet accounting gateways and electronic assignment submission. Brett progressing to a Development Architect for the university’s central IT in early 2006 with a primary focus to provide support and best-practice input to an ever-increasing development team. In January 2008 Brett immigrated to Australia to work for BEA. Brett has strong interests in IT Architecture, IT Security (especially SAML, XACML etc) and general Java development.

  1. JRockit's Liquid VM could be the first real Java OS
  2. JRockit Docs
  3. BEA Dev2Dev JRockit Resources
  4. BEA Virtualisation Center
Start: 4/21/08 06:00 PM
End: 4/21/08 08:30 AM
BreckNock Hotel, 401 King William Street Adelaide