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Java EE 6 overview and what's new in JSF 2.2
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JSF 2.2 is on the corner and will bring various enhancements over the previous versions.

This session covers the highlights of the JSF 2.2 featuring: View Actions, Faces Flows, HTML5 addons, Ajax improvements and more. In addition to the technical side, insider news from JSF Expert Group and the release plan will also be shared.

PrimeFaces – Ultimate Component Suite.

JSF provides a powerful infrastructure to build RIA applications in a rapid way. Combined with PrimeFaces, the leading component suite, JSF unleashes it’s true power. This session covers various aspects of PrimeFaces including core features, components, ajax integration, theming, mobile, push, cloud and more.

Java EE 6 – We’ll be covering: EJB 3.x,JAX-RS,CDI (Context and Dependency Injection),JSF 2,PrimeFaces

Start: 10/25/12 07:00 PM
End: 10/25/12 09:30 PM